Word Power

Wholesale market has millions of words, let's pick what we want
Some connected with briers 
Some adorn neck with flowery arms 

Some spread joy to people, 
Some wounds worse than thorns

Some enhance suffering four-fold
Some reduce it down to half. 
Also see words that dry sufferer's flowing tears
Bitter words make cheerful ones flowing rivers 

Two words of encouragement make fallen abandoned walk again

Harsh burning ones uttered from 
lips, how to forget whole life

Sweet words may convert stranger into lover for life
Thoughtless angry words uttered raise walls strife

Words said behind people’s back, when they reach them
Break relationships built over years; now can't mend them

There are unsaid words better conveyed by eyes lips closed 
There are some, when uttered, make eyes look down in shame
There are words we want to tell, but the listeners are no more
Like prisoners they stay in heart, then get washed away in tears
Some people prick you with words like thorns hidden in buds
Show green gardens they entice you with selfish plans
One’s untimely senseless words give grief to people 
The speaker unaware, listener silently, slowly dies in heart
Words are very powerful, one can change the world we know
Weigh them. They don't return like arrows which have left the bow

Juginder Luthra
Dolly Luthra


In children's laughter light of life I see 
In shrieks thunder and lightening of clouds
Laughter giggling for no reason
Dancing jumping spilling pearls from lips
No regrets of past no worry of future
In every moment blessings of God I see

Compared to their smiles flowers look weak turn pale 
Butterflies learn to fly and birds learn to sing from them 
Holding hands with small fingers they reach up to the heart 
Harsh persons' stone hearts melt like wax I see 

Find joy in small things sway and smile
Find treasures of joy in Lego lolly pops yummy ice cream 
Give smiles to all and hug lovingly tight
Very fragile are these dolls 
Colors fade from faces with bitter voices I see

No conniving schemes no lies 
No discrimination of color caste or race
In their eyes whole creation painted in one color 
No thievery no stealing no selfish fake trickery 
Nature's whole treasure in every innocent child I see

In children's laughter light of life I see 
In shrieks thunder and lightening of clouds
Laughter giggling for no reason 
Dancing jumping spilling pearls from lips
No regrets of past no worry of future
In every moment blessings of God I see 
Whenever wherever I see a child 
Blessings of God I see 

Juginder Luthra


 You are so I am, otherwise this four walled closed loneliness aloneness
 No laughter no astonishment seeing setting sun or first ray of sun
 Holding hands hugging smiling for no reason
 Life is with companion otherwise only inhaling exhaling breath

 Upset with companion crying then making up better than aloneness
 Sharing life's sad happy occasions better than drinking poison alone
 Companion sick or invalid becomes purpose for life
 Their slight smile better than boundless happiness alone

 With companion world glitters otherwise alone in a crowd
 Lucky rich with fortune if with ones we used to play
 Everything looks for companion: plants trees birds animals humans
 If alone, empty forest desert, with companion festivals of happiness

 Juginder Luthra

I was born in that part of India which, with a line drawn by an English lawyer in 1947, became what is now known as Pakistan. For safety of our lives, all was left behind and we started lives as refugees in Panipat, 50 miles north of Delhi. My father's main ambition was to educate their six sons and two daughters. I was chosen by him to become a doctor. (I have written that story in 'Dreams Don't Die')

After becoming a doctor I chose to become an Ophthalmologist. I married Dolly, whom I met on the stage while acting in a Play in Medical College. She had the lead role and I had a small part in the Play.

We emigrated to England and finally came to Weirton, West Virginia where I work as an Ophthalmologist. Dolly retired from her private practice of Dentistry a couple of years ago.

My calling is to help whoever I can and I am blessed to be a doctor where work seems like service and therefore fun. I enjoy work, reading, writing prose, poetry, stage acting and recently, by a stroke of luck, acting in the recently released short film Sunflower. Used to love traveling but now am contented spending my time in our home and on our deck.

Through these mediums of work and writing I have good fortune of meeting and learning form some amazing people.
We have three daughters, three sons in law and six awesome grand children. We are blessed beyond deserving.

                                                                 Juginder  Luthra

On Our Deck

On our deck no Brussels no Paris no politics, Hillary or Trump
Even wind seeks permission from hills trees and a rare stump
No one allowed on our deck but cool moon bright sun warm
Hungry birds of varied hues and sounds get invited to swarm
Just you and me exist, the rest live unseen on imaginary map
Floating clouds blue sky hills colorful trees engulf us in their lap
Seasons bring bright flowers floating brown leaves swirling snow
Cycle of nature beautiful invites one bids farewell lets others go
Seven billions and their problems no where for us to be seen
On our deck lively children grand children create many a scene
House gets shaken calling all cousins booby traps pillow fights
Deck alive with bicycles badminton pool and Christmas lights
Into the woods creek they wander squeal within ear shot
Heavenly hours they spend with nature then leave us distraught
Now just you and me on our deck reflected glow of westerly sun
A labor of love with many mistakes glitches hopefully well done 

Juginder Luthra

Shadow of Childhood

 Childhood is fading shadow as if it is a mirage
 Was here just now don't know how when became stranger
 Was it a dream or reality or my foundation
 Beautiful or full of pain merged in my blood breath and heart

 Tooth fairy Santa Clause stopped coming to home
 Playing with dolls ended sleep over have turned face
 Games of Peek a boo and hide n seek vanished
 Broke relations with cartoon movies and cart wheels

 With age body changed so did thoughts, a new era began
 Slowly nature changed colors, lost some found things unknown
To make own identity used new strange methods
 Good bye to childhood embraced youth with fast strides

 Some by mother father some by society taught how to get ahead
 Identity linked with money was taught to innocent child
 Cast creed outer colors created divisions broke homes
 Grew up together in childhood was shown separate paths

 Keep the child alive in you, childhood will leave one day
 No matter how old, parents eyes always see a child
 Innocent soft heart smile at all astonish at new things
 In ups and downs of life childhood will be the anchor

Juginder Luthra

All rights reserved.
Juginder K. Luthra
© 2017

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